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Posted by Lirik Lagu Dan Kunci Gitar Slank on Selasa, 22 Juli 2008

The Beginning
Slank is formed in 1983. It was started as a junior high school band called Cikini Stone Complex (CSC), Bimbim on drums, Boy on Guitar, Kiki on Guitar, Abi on bass, Uti and Well Welly as the singers. This band used to play the musics of their idols, The Rolling Stones but this band won't last long enough. With his cousins Erwan and Denny, Bimbim - the drummer - began to formed a new band called Red Evil. Kiki which was one of the guitarist of CSC join them. Another guy named Bongky is also played the guitar on this band. While CSC were imitating the Rolling Stones, Red Evil has a better concept besides playing an international band's number, Red Evil begin to composed their own song.

Even though the band is playing world chart rock number, the way they play the song is very interesting as they always did this top chart rock song in their own way, which is reckless, ignorance and with undetailed groove as the original artist play. The supports from friends and some earliest fans called them SLENGEAN which exactly fits of the way they play and performance. Since then Red Evil change the name to SLANK.

The Foundation
Indonesian parents at that time are hoping their children could become an engineer, medical doctors, accountant, bankers or any job known to them. Working as musician or artist equal to jobless to their thinking. Lucky for Bimbim for his parents is supporting his dream to be musician 99%. They even let the boys practising and rehearsing at their home in Jl. Potlot 3/14. Today the place is known as SLANK's home base.

As the time goes on, a marriage of the brain, taste, feel, mood etcetera are undeniable. The band start changing players one after another. Patient has given Bimbim a good luck. At the 13th formation he got the great team to combat the music industry. It was the formation of Bimbim on drums, Bongky on bass, Pay on guitar, Indra on keyboards and Kaka as the lead vocals.

Their Debut
They start to bring their demo tape here and there, from one producer to another, from one recording company to another recording company. They all deny their ability of performing their music. At last Indra Qadarsih, the keyboard player at that time, introduce the band with Budhi Soesatio their former producer. Budhi was interested in their music. Budhi thought Slank has a good blend of Pop, Rock n' Roll, Blues and Indonesian Ethnicity and it is different from the shelved music that years.

Boedhi's sense of business was proofed. Slank's debut album SLANK SUIT.. SUIT.. HE.. HE.. (Gadis ) - released in 1991, has punch the market with single MEMANG and MAAFKAN and become The Best Seller which brought Slank to receive the BASF Award as The Best New Comer in 1991. Ever since the debut, SLANK getting popular and has a lot of fans all over the country.

They keep up with their new album almost every year:
- 2nd Album "KAMPUNGAN" - 1991
- 3rd Album "PISS" - 1993
- 4th Album "GENERASI BIRU" - 1994
- 5th Album "MINORITAS" - 1995

The Moment of Truth... and Back on Track
After the 5th album SLANK has to lose three of the players which are Bongky (bassist), Indra Q (keyboardist) and Pay (guitarist).

With only two personel left, Bimbim and Kaka, SLANK tried to keep alive. They make their 6th album, LAGI SEDIH, with a help from friends which are Reynold on guitar and Ivanka on bass. LAGI SEDIH, literary mean 'Sadness Moment' was showing their sadness moment left by the players, released in 1996.

The sadness become more deep when Reynold left the band while they prepare for the album's promo. For the purpose of that particular tour they made audition to find a replacement for Reynold. Ivanka introduce Abdee Negara while Lulu Ratna, the manager at that time, introduce Ridho Hafiedz. The two guitarist has different character so they decide to ask both of them to play. Over 100 songs was given to them to learn in only two weeks. Again with these players, Slank is return to rock the roads with the 14th formation.

Slank is back on the roads with the new players and records another new albums:
7th album - TUJUH released 1997
8th album - MATA HATI REFORMASI released 1998
9th album - 999+09 released 1999 (double album)
10th album - VIRUS released 2001
11th album - SATU SATU released 2003
12th album - ROAD TO PEACE released April 2004
13th album - PLUR released December 2004

Slank Today
Today in the 21st year, what Slank has took the market segments that has not been touch by former market. Slank has had the market share of about 10% of Indonesian listener. Their fans for what they call them SLANKERS, are doing what ever they told in their lyrics as most of the lyrics are expression of the youth bravery and rebellion of a generation against established culture and/or system. No violence necessary on a rebellion done by Slank… it's LOVE and PEACE rebellion....and even now UNITY & RESPECT added to become PLUR... Peace, Love Unity and Respect.

The truth, Slank has become an icon for a generation to have a spirit, solidarity and a be someone.

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